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Cornwall 2014


Happy Hooping(:


hoop love! <3


The only things that make me happy are sunshine hoops& edm. In that order.


Okay so I’m really excited to post this because I’m so in love with it. It’s the first well shot video of me and I really like it and I hope you guys do too!

myself hooping at the Thankyou Festival :)

Hooper problems, pt.2


Pt. 1 here

21) Deep, nasty bruises that look like somebody hit you, when in reality…the hoop did it

22) Letting random people rough around play with your hoop out of politeness and the infinite anxiety which follows omg are they gonna snap it…are they gonna drop it…

23) Swapping out a cute…

Hooper problems


1)Defending yourself from your friends/significant other who say “You’re getting ANOTHER ONE??”

2)Being a mild hazard to all living and non-living things around you

3)Eternal hoop bruises

4)Being treated like a child because you play with a “kid’s toy”

5)Being expected to ‘perform a routine’…


Photo Credit: Sasha Battle

Playing with my double hoops and prepping photos for business cards and double hoops workshop


New video from Hula Hoop artist Aerial Emery 


One of Hooping.org’s new Video Editors is the amazing Kassandra Morrison of the Friendly Fire Tribe and she’s here an awesome tutorial for you on just how to do The Contact Roll, which is kind of the crown jewel of body rolls. She says, “Here is my attempt to offer some guidance for the infamous contact roll”, and it’s very good guidance indeed. Obviously you need to be pretty comfortable with some of the more standard body rolls before taking this challenge on. Kassandra lives in Akron, Ohio, USA. View full size and like/comment on hooping.org.