Presenting my new Astral Evoke!! This hoop is the bees knees, for sure. Definitely lighter, brighter, and more artistic than my FH Shuffle.  I love being able to select patterns for specific songs and have the hoop scroll through them for performances! This was my first attempt at that…very exciting! I can’t wait to explore this hoop further :) 

Hey guys, 

So this is a quick tutorial on a move I havent seen anyone play with yet, so im calling them leg folds!!!!

Enjoy!! <3

Hey Hoopers, this is my video for steady heady hoops. I hope everyone enjoys it, please wish me luckk!!! <3


Fire hoop and poi with my old fire family. c: good memories this night. If it wasnt for hooping I wouldnt have been friends with these people and I wouldnt have had so many good memories. This is what hooping is all about.