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1. Shameless self-promotion is allowed + encouraged.
2. Hating + bitchery is not. This is a body-positive and diversity loving blog. We will not engage trolls or fill peoples dashes with off-topic chatter.
3. As long as its formatted okay and not offensive we post everything, in order received, without judgement. (Nudity is ok, but we’d prefer it as a text post and under a ‘Read More’ cut, just to y’know, keep our day jobs)
4. Please credit sources accurately.
5. Photosets don’t seem to be possible for submissions, just single photos. Feel free to add a link to a further set in the caption or send a message asking nicely if I’ll reblog a specific photoset post (include the link!) 6. USE THE CORRECT POST TYPE PLEASE!
Text posts are the default, but you can, and should change it to the appropriate type. We can’t change the post type after you submit, if you get it wrong your submission wont look as awesome as you intended ☹
(Friendly tip: Photos and videos are the best. Links to your own post/blog don’t see as much liking or reblogging action.)