Fuck Yeah Hooping!


FYH Moderator Lisa SparkGirl participates in the next round of Hooping Idol: The Classic Rock Week Challenge!


Voting for this week’s Hooping Idol challenge hosted by Hooping.org is open!

If you haven’t already take a moment to watch my video submission created with the love of friends and in the wild, untamed jungles and coasts of Puna paradise! After your eyes and hearts have feasted on our hooping video masterpiece, please click through to this link, scroll alllllll the way down to the bottom and VOTE! There are so many righteously rockin’ videos to choose from! 


I would love to keep sharing spinspirational videos with hoopers across the world, but I can’t do it without your help: ‪#‎TeamSparkFTW‬! Many mahalos to all that are participating, and to all the viewers out there receiving our hooplove transmissions!

Does anyone else still get sharing anxiety? :3 Regardless, I got the courage to share this video that marks a valuable place in exploration for me. This captured a time where thinking and playing with my hoops differently came to, which has left me curious and ready for endless possibilities.