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So i haven’t had a good “let go” session in about a month,i finally felt good enough to have last night and here it is :)

pure joy ^_^

Peace and love to you all <3


do you ever feel like life is so intoxicatingly sweet and delicious that you just can’t take it?
as if all the energy of the universe is bursting through the seams of your being
and your heart feels like it will explode because it just can’t take anymore?

do you feel such bliss that you sit in tears of gratitude
and know not how to move forward in this?
or perhaps you feel so divinely content in this moment that you dare not break the stream?

this is how i feel every day
as if happiness is a drug and it fills and devours me with no end in sight
like the breaks from this extreme joy are just to allow my body to catch up to the ever increasing waves of light
a chance to ground and remember i am human
a chance to feel different things i wouldn’t choose to feel if the balance had not made such a contrast in this enlightenment

a chance to ride along the tide of perception
to swim in the waters of my dreams
lucid splashing in the foam of reality

this is Heaven
this is Life

thank you for this blessing ૐ

-Peaces of Tuesday