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Who’s that hooper?

Hi Hooplrs! Welcome to the next installment of, Who’s That Hooper?

It’s Harlow Lestrange!

Who are you?

I’m a lot of different people… my real name is Natasha but I’ve got quite a few stage names. I’m most commonly known as Harlow Lestrange—Harlow Quinn when I do kids shows…usually people just call me Harlow.

How/when did you start hooping?

I started hooping properly in December 2009. A month or two before that I bought a toy hoop from a department store after my friend and I had spent the afternoon waist hooping with these tiny hoops. I was into staff spinning then, and wanted to branch out into other things and had no idea there was a hoop community but thought that there must be some cool things you could do with hoops… when I looked it up on Youtube it pretty much cemented that I needed to get myself an adult hoop. I ordered a hoop from Home of Poi and I became obsessed pretty much as soon as I opened the packaging :D

Who has taught you and/or influenced your hooping?

I’m ‘self-taught’ from mostly Youtube videos and tutorials. As for influence, I’m really strongly inspired by people like Malcolm Stuart, Brecken and Nick Guzzardo. Every time I watch a video of Spiral spinning fire I get goosebumps, haha.

What has been your best hooping experience?

Hm… probably last New Year’s I took my LED hoop to an outdoor rave and met another hooper (it didn’t happen often in New Zealand back then!). We spent most of the 3 days of the party playing around with hoops and learning from each other. When night came we ended up having a hoop off on the dance floor by throwing my hoop back and forth from one another, and we were also trying to think up new and cool ways to throw and catch the hoop when we passed it. I liked that party because I just spent a lot of time immersed in the hoop not at all caring about what the people around me thought.

What’s your favourite move/trick/style?

I love to groove lol. I try to incorporate levels and movement into my dance.

I can’t say I have a favourite move, it’s always changing… at the moment I’m loving rolls and I always have a place in my heart for isolations!

What kinds of music do you most enjoy hooping to?

It’s changed so much over the time I’ve been hooping but definitely hiphop. The beat is always perfect for my style of hooping, and I always just totally let go whenever it’s on.

Describe your favourite hoop?

It was my beautiful Lighted Lifestyle LED hoop just last week but now it has to be my fire hoop! I just got her made on the weekend for me and I taped her in orange and silver. She’s about 34 - 35 inches in diameter using ½” tubing. She’s perfect specs wise and I used her for the first time last weekend and it felt AMAZING.

What are your hooping goals or things you’d love to do/learn?

I wanna be the very best… like no one ever was…

I want to run my hoop business successfully and be able to perform with my hoop all over New Zealand and hopefully travel around the world with my hoops one day! I want to start an active hoop community in Christchurch (which is blossoming!) and hopefully inspire people!

Where can we see more of you?

Oh I’m everywhere… just slinking about…
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Tira from Soulcalibur

Harlow does some Halloween hooping as Tira from Soul Calibur. Tira is a fictional character from the Soul series of video games. Harlow lives in Christchurch, New Zealand.

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